Codi Plaster

Codi grew up in a college town where she graduated (twice), met her husband, and still lives. When she had 3 kids in 3.5 years, no one was more surprised than her. Fortunately, instead of driving her crazy (although it was a close one), motherhood has brought her into a deeper faith and a daily reliance on the Lord. Her day job has her working with college students that she believe will change the world if they can get off of their phones long enough to get to work. Her husband is an incredible special education teacher and the kids are silly, whiny, funny, and loud which, as it turns out, is the perfect combination of their parents.

Everyday Play

I'm not a mom who is good at playing pretend. Things I’m happy to do: puzzles, board games, coloring, reading - I’m all in. But ask me to one-side a conversation with a teddy...
A sunny room with a twin bed and set of bunk beds.

Our Room Share Experience

As last year’s endless summer (March-August) was finally coming to an end, I had a proposal for my kids: What if we moved them all together in the same room and made the other...

Let’s Talk About the Nutcracker

For many, The Nutcracker Ballet is as much a part of the holiday season as gift giving and lights. Maybe it’s been on your radar lately too - our area is fortunate enough to...

More Mindful Holidays

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but in my quest to become the best version of myself, I find that I become paralyzed in the face of doing all the things,...
A man's profile.

My Man’s Bun

My husband has not always had long hair. In fact, his (now) long hair started off as mostly a joke. He had gone too long in between haircuts and decided to leverage his messy...
Three kids in costumes on a front porch.

4 Trick-or-Treat Alternatives

Halloween is almost here and, as with most things this year, we are not back to “normal”. If you are feeling iffy about going door-to-door, keep reading for some fun alternatives to schlepping kids...

When You Need A Countdown

If you know nothing about kids, you may still pick up that they don’t have a solid grasp on time. And why should they, really? An adult is in charge of telling them when...

The Best Gifts for Teachers

This year more than ever, parents around the globe are newly grateful for the hard work, energy, and patience from our teachers. I would love to give out all-expenses paid vacays for every teacher...
10 toys

Locally Sourced Easter Baskets

We all know we are living in weird times. Yet even in the weirdness, it has been incredible to see the goodness of others shine through. When I feel overwhelmed with all of the...
beach-ball logo for Maro Polo app

The App that Saved my Friendships

Author's Note: This post was written pre-quarantine but feels so timely now as "social distancing" becomes a commonly used phrase. Praying that you all stay well & that you find creative ways to love...