I Feel Your Love


I feel your love when you’re getting out of bed, quietly so as not to wake me.

I feel it when you kiss me goodbye before you leave for work, even on days when you’re running late.

I feel it when you send me a text letting me know you made it to work—EVERYDAY— you never fail to text I love you.

I feel it when you are working (during your lunch break) but STILL take the time to text and ask how my day is going.

I feel it when you ask if I need anything on your way home from work (because you don’t want me to have to load up the car with two young kiddos just for a random item I’ve forgotten)

I feel it when you get home from a loooong day at work and immediately jump into “dad mode” playing games, giving big hugs, throwing footballs, wrestling in the floor, wiping tears, changing diapers, and more ALL before you’ve even had a chance to use the restroom. I breathe a sigh of relief because now I can actually finish cooking dinner without having to stop arguments or clean up spills.

I feel your love when you ask if I need anything before you leave the room to change.

I feel your love when you wake up early to do car maintenance before you leave for work. It’s not that you think I can’t do it myself, it’s that you don’t want me to have to worry about it.

I feel your love when you put aside all of your work and to-do list (two jobs+house repairs+bills etc..) when you get home so we can have time together and share a meal before our kids go to bed. You know that time is FAMILY TIME and make sure to never let anything get in the way of our time with you.

I feel your love when you tirelessly make sure our finances are in order.

I feel your love when I’m getting ready for bed and see you staying up longer than anticipated most nights making sure your work is done WELL, our home is taken care of, and you have a little time to yourself so you can be available to us emotionally and physically.

I feel your love when you spend your only days “off” going on trips or outings with me and the kids because you know I get soooo tired of being at home and badly want to do things together as a family.

I feel your love when you work 7 days a week to provide for our financial needs, take care of our home, love and lead our family, and shepherd a church.

I feel your love when you take one night of every week to play board games with me or have a few hours of a “date night in” (so to speak) just hanging out and spending time together- because you know having a strong and healthy marriage means continuing to date each other even when we don’t have a lot of $$ or time.

I feel your love when you remind me that an appointment is coming up or family is visiting, because between the dirty diapers, tantrums, cooking, laundry, and this messy house, you know I’ve forgotten.

I feel your love in the everyday moments of life. Grand gestures are fun, sure, but it’s life’s daily routine that shows me how much you care. It’s the dedication and faithfulness that you show that inspires me. It’s your commitment to God first, our family second, and then everything else that truly makes me love you.

I don’t need big gifts or extravagant things, but I do need the gentle, loving, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, caring, intelligent, talented, supportive husband that takes the moments of everyday life and makes them count.
As any family, we have our hard days, but I know that no matter what, you will always show up and be there for us when we need you.

I’m so glad that I feel your love everyday, and not just on a holiday.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!  From a wife who sees and feels your love when you  may not realize it, I see you. I’m thankful. I’m abundantly sure I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all you do to care for me! I feel your love this day and everyday in between.

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Kelly Hamm
Kelly started calling Auburn home in 2010. She graduated from Auburn in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She is a mom to two boys, a writer, an editor, a pastor wife, and a lover books and the great outdoors. You can typically find her chasing kiddos, reading, or encouraging a community of other wives and moms. You can also find her here, graciously giving of her skills (as a former marketing director) as she reads and edits all our content. Her son, Elliot, was recently diagnosed with High-Risk B Cell ALL and is currently undergoing treatment. She has been open with their journey and often finds it helpful to document the process via social media and through writing.