“Can You Take Your Kids To The Polls?” and Other Frequently Asked Election Questions for New and Expecting Parents


Are you planning on heading to the polls on November 8th? Don’t worry about finding a last-minute babysitter. Here are a few of the most popular election questions asked by new and expecting parents.

“Can I take my kids to the polls with me?”

Absolutely! This can even be a fun learning experience about democracy and the importance of voting. There are even a few studies that show that young people who went to vote with their parents are more likely to become voters themselves!


“Is there an age restriction on how old my child has to be to come to the polling center?”

17 and under in all states! If an adult accompanies the child, children are welcome.


“Can I bring all of my children with me?”

Some states limit the number of children you can bring with you, however, in the state of Alabama, there are no restrictions to the number of children you can bring to the polls with you.


“How do I keep my kids entertained while waiting in the polling lines?”

Try to go at the least busy time for your polling place. The earlier the better! If you have an infant, bring them in the car seat or use a body carrier. Bring lots of toys and snacks. Make this a fun experience and prepare for the day by reading a book like Everyone Gets A Say by Jill Twiss or other fun stories.


“Can non-parent caregivers still bring young children to the polls with them?”

Yes! Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Dad, Mom, Babysitter it doesn’t matter! Young children, if accompanied by an adult, are allowed at the polls.


Happy Voting! What tips do you have for taking your children to the polls?