Flowers to Bless


For the longest time I have dreamed and desired to have a simple garden party with my closest gals to celebrate anything and everything and to create a bouquet of fresh flowers to take home. 

Thanks to Flowers to Bless and my sweet baby boy on the way who gave me the reason to have my very own garden party, my dream has come true!

I first met DeAnne, owner of Flowers to Bless, at the Market at AG Heritage Park on Auburn University’s campus in Summer 2022. I’m a lover of all things fresh flowers, and I was taken away by not only her brightly colored, full, and blooming bouquets but also her demeanor, her spirit, and her cute shop setup under her tent. 

Walking up to her tent, it was like I was stepping into a shop that was created just for me. It was happy. It was peaceful. It was genuine. It was feminine. It was beautiful.

I instantly felt loved, known, seen, cared for, and understood. 

Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a farmers market and a flower booth can make you feel that way?

I, of course, bought a bouquet of fresh flowers with the intention to make my home feel more like the way I want to always feel: beautiful, free, lovely, genuine, natural. 

I fell in love. And I quickly had the desire to host a garden party with these flowers. 

Fast forward to this Spring 2023. Baby #3 was due in May and I found him to be the perfect reason to celebrate motherhood and to finally have that garden party I’ve always wanted. With the help of my friends, we planned a simple and quaint baby sprinkle with a small group of gals and, of course, DeAnne’s flowers. 

The garden party was everything I wanted it to be, and Flowers to Bless delivered above my expectations. DeAnne not only had a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers (my home smelled AMAZING when they were delivered), she also provided everything we needed to create our own bouquets: snippers, flower food, instructions for caring for the flowers, twine, brown paper to wrap the flowers in, cute white pails to hold the assortment of flowers, and a beautiful flower cart to tie the whole event together. 

The process was easy. I had the flowers and everything else we needed to create seven bouquets the next day. 

The ladies who attended that garden party loved the activity, and they loved the flowers that they got to take home. It made me so overjoyed to share something I love with the ladies I’m closest with. 

If you find yourself dreaming and desiring to do something, something even as simple as a garden party, I encourage you to go for it, to make it happen. That dream is on your heart for a reason. That desire is there for a purpose. Pursue that. Discover what it’s all about. 

For me, this garden party became much more than a garden party. It became a way for me to spend quality time with the people I’m closest with, to share a little piece of my heart, to celebrate life, and to connect with a local business owner who I likely have a lot in common with. 

People are put into your life for a reason. Those desires and dreams come to you for a reason. Don’t ignore them. Pursue them. They are there for a reason. And discovering that reason is all part of the journey.

DeAnne sweetly invited my family to come visit her flower farm, and we are so eager to do so. I can sense that this is just the beginning of something beautiful. 

I definitely feel blessed by Flowers to Bless. 

You can find DeAnne and Flowers to Bless in the summer on Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 PM at the Market at AG Heritage Park on Donahue Drive. Make sure you take some of her beautiful flowers home and tell her I said “hi”.