My Advice for This Year? Be Open to Receive


This is not woo woo type advice here, people. If you want 2023 to feel and be easier for you in your motherhood, then be open to receive.

This advice comes from someone who likes to do it all, handle it all, be it all. Typically, I’m walking around with a “I’ve got this” attitude. 

Then, motherhood hits. Life hits. Kids get sick (again). You get sick (again). Life strikes some more.

Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. 

So instead of doing it all alone, taking care of everything by yourself, and being this superhero who’s running on coffee fumes, be open to receive help… because when help actually does come knocking, you want to be in a place where you can say “yes” without hesitation. 

That’s where I find myself now. 

Within the past year, I’ve really learned to release this “do it all” mindset and accept that receiving help is a good thing for both me and for the person offering to give help.

And if that ego of yours gets in the way when someone is offering to bring you dinner, watch the kids so you can have some alone time, or pick up some food from the grocery store, remind your ego that when people offer to help, they actually want to help. They’re not offering the help while hoping you say “no” to their offer. They’re being genuine, sincere, and you’ll do them a big favor by accepting that help. 

Just within this past month I’ve had a friend offer to bring us food and to make a run to the store to get some medicine because the kids and I were sick, I’ve had my in-laws watch the kids so I can go to my doctor’s appointment by myself (!), and I’ve even allowed my husband to give me some much needed me-time, and through all of that, I didn’t feel guilty one bit. 

Practice saying “yes.” Practice being open to that help. When someone makes an offer, take them up on it. Get rid of that “I can” attitude. 

Because if you want this year to feel easier than last, if you want this year to feel lighter and less burdensome, then you have to be open to receiving help. You need to be open to others’ love and generosity to you. 

And, of course, you’re going to turn right around and offer some help to a mama who could really use it right now.

So, for 2023, be open to receive that help. You’ll be glad you did.