Chloe Gooden


Familiar Items

The holiday season is here and this year seems to hit a little different. Having experienced a great deal of loss this past year and realizing our holidays don’t look the same as they...

Remember that I love you & I’ll remember that you love me too

What do you get for your husband for Father's Day from your son? It was my first time getting my husband something from my son so the pressure was on.  I landed on memories....

Sitting in My Rocking Chair Sippin Sweet Tea- Is This Gardening?

  This sounds like an obvious contradiction, however, there is a lot of truth in it.  I'm going to mention a few things about gardening that brings simplicity to life. I want to simplify my life....

Boundaries…What are those?!

As new moms, we are constantly thinking of all the things we could need to prepare for our little one to arrive.  We organize and reorganize our baby's room and probably even a few...