Organizing and Displaying Your Child’s Artwork


Are your kids constantly bringing home artwork? I know mine do. 

I love my children’s artwork. It is colorful, organic and completely raw. I can see how their little minds worked through the creative process.

So what do you do with all of that artwork?

I have to confess that I do not keep it all. I do sort through it and keep the pieces that I am attached to. But it’s still A LOT of artwork.

For a long time, I would tuck it in a drawer and tell myself I’d deal with it later. Well, after 2 kids, the amount of work began to take over several drawers. It was time to do something. Not to mention that our family downsized our home and storage space was at a premium.

I discovered the My Art Place Portfolio. This kids’ art portfolio is divided into eight color-tabbed sections for organizing art projects by year, subject, teacher, medium or any way you wish. The expandable art folder includes ample room to hold paper sized up to 12″ x 18″!

Once I got the artwork organized, I decided it was time to find a space to display it.

There are many ways to display your child’s artwork. So here are a few of my favorite displays for children’s artwork.

Framed Collage Wall

This is a clean look. You can buy the same frame in different sizes or different frames in the same color. If you intend to change out the artwork, attach them with command strips for easy take down.


Canvas Art Display

If you have a lot of canvas paintings, create a wall collage. 

Wire Hanging System

I love this an IKEA wire curtain rod system to display the art. I use this system at my art studio. It is easy to install and you can use metal clips or clothes pins to hang the artwork.

How do you organize and display your children’s artwork?

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Michelle Giddens
Michelle Giddens is a busy mama of 2 boys and wife to James for 15 years. She and her family live on a farm just outside of Auburn. Michelle is the Owner and Director of The Art Studio in Auburn. The Art Studio offers art classes, camps and workshops for kids and adults. Michelle loves to travel, visit art museums, garden, and cook. When she’s not in her studio she in the kitchen! Michelle holds a BFA in Art Education from Georgia State University and her Alabama Teaching License with an endorsement in Art. She has a BA in Communication from Auburn University. Visit for art camps and classes for kids and adults.